Dipole Wireless Communication

Dipole Wireless Communication Ltd , Veteran company ,
Leading in communication filed in Israel.
We are authorized importer of major communications companies.
Dipole offer solutions and Communication configuration for business and companies.
We offer good services , good relationship with affordable prices and satisfaction.

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Wireless Communication

Wireless communication solutions, that include,
P.T.P for long distances link,
P.T.M.P for transfering  information in wide area of points and to improve end user Wi-Fi reception .

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Wired Communication

Wired Communication solutions such as Bandwidth Control features, firewall, routing and transmission of information, VPN, MPLS
that use the public network as the private network.

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Two-Way Radios

Two-Way Radios solutions for companies, hotels, restaurants, cranes and more. Using  professional two way radio licensed or Unlicense  radios  saving expenses with A continuous and reliable communications.

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Wireless Sensors

 Wireless Sensores solutions featuring both RF and IR technology, temperature and humidity sensors, dataloggers, people counting and energy monitoring sensors help organizations to monitor energy usage.

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How Far Can You Go?

Leading Manufacturers

Dipole is the official importer of major leading communications companies in the world.
In the field of communications products We are engaged in Wireless products,
Wired communications products , Two way radios and more.
Our  products are, in private homes, businesses and telecommunications companies.