Communication Solutions

Added value for the import and marketing of communication products, Dipole Communications provides :
Wired and wireless communications solutions, control and management of communications systems, and cloud solution.

Wireless Communication

wireless communication solutions, wireless links (P.T.P) distances that can reach for miles with very wide bandwidth.
Links can be used to transfer information between two distant points for: Internet, Intranet, cameras, control, etc. and can worked in open and uninhabited areas.
Wireless communication solutions (P.T.M.P) transfer information between more than one point, such as: Wireless network coverage area, a network of cameras, support large numbers of users.
Improving user receiving in WIFI network.

Wired Communication

Wired Communication solutions such as:
Bandwidth Control – General  Bandwidth control, or user control bandwidth to prevent the use of a slowdown or collapse the network.
Firewall -secure of networks against intrusion and hackers , can block open ports.
Routing – the transfer of information in a short and effective.
VPN – the possibility of using a private network to connect remotely via a computer outside the private network, VPN protocol enables secure and reliable connection, all those enable as if the user is inside the corporate private network.
MPLS – allows use of the public network as the private network with a large connection of branches with speed and reliability.

Two Way Radio

In radios Field, dipole imports , marketing and provides services for professional Two way radios with high-quality water-resistant with IP55 standard VHF, UHF high-power, for companies, business that use a unique working frequency.
Dipole provides mobile devices, stationary devices, a base station to end-users, the use of these instruments can be based on communication between two or more devices, whether individual or group, the groups without disturbing one device to another, there is also the possibility to communicate between a single device tax ‘ groups, allow other possible use relay to increase the range of end users, the possibility of scrambler and encryptions and more,
In addition dipole imports and markets instruments and devices free license radio instruments advantage is enjoyed from a professional and high quality large range without requiring a license or pay an annual fee and save money.

Free License devices – can be very suitable for small and medium businesses who are not  interested in additional payments, among them restaurants, security companies, cranes, and other installation companies.
In order to examine the case, contact us and we will be happy to help.
In the field of Ham radio, we offer the best Ham Handheld Transceiver in the market there are devices available stock.

Wireless Sensors

In this area we give a solution of warnings for temperature, humidity, pressure sensitive places which must be constantly monitoring and sampling of what is happening in the same place, dipole offers professional sensors and very precise which work wirelessly, the advantage that there is no need to connect to power supply, and size is very small, some sealed for water and a very long battery life, typically 4 years ,since the transmission of data is done in little time and minimal energy consumption.

Sensors allow the retention of data base for up to 3000 events can be programmed via computer.
These sensors allow transmission and encryption over long distances of up to 200 meters.
Led Light Indicate immediate on change status of event in the area.
Sensors are designed for use in places such as pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories,
Food services, intelligent buildings, security, agriculture and Etc